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Go beyond Front Desk Basics & Engage Your Customers Like Never Before

Making Digital Transformation a Reality

YourDeadLift revolutionizes Fitness Studios by empowering them with Technology that engages customers Beyond the Front Desk, Digitalize Operations & Accelerate their Revenue.

Powerful Static Website

Create your online presence & brand your Fitness Studio, with a Powerful Static Website

Social Media Marketing

The World is going Social and Fitness centres are no exceptions. Our Social Media Solution helps Fitness centres to reach, convert serve & retain more members every day

Customer Mobile Application

Have your brand on your customers fingertips, with your very own Fully Branded Member Engagement Mobile Application of your Fitness Studio from YDL.

Develop Your Brand

Creating your online presence, engaging your customers & our social media solutions helps fitness studios to brand, reach, convert, serve & retain more members every day.



Manage Customers

Digitalizing Operations means spending less time on your Front Desk and more time with your members and Trainers. Thus,run your business on desktop and on the go with our easy-to-use YDL Engagment Dashboard.

Retain & Engage Customers

A Fully Branded Member Engagement Mobile Application, builds a solid rock relation with member experience to keep them coming back and bringing their friends.



Grow Your Business

Giving your business the power to go beyond front desk basics,Engaging your members like never before, Reports that give insights for faster and better decision making automatically and all of the other extra touches are all primed for Growth of your Fitness Studio.


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